Can MyHeritage Be Wrong?

Having your MyHeritage DNA testing done for the first time, results might give you two feelings: you might be surprised because it was so accurate or might disappoint you asking how and where do they got those results? You may start wondering the authenticity of the test if there is a possibility that it might go wrong.

In an open forum, of MyHeritage regarding wrong results, generally, people commented that ethnicity estimates are only approximate and speculative. Another thing worthy to note is that ethnicity estimates over time will be updated and changes based on new data and science, so, the results of the test may vary.

Those were the opinion of people who felt disappointed by the results of the test. However, you may not know unless you try the MyHeritage DNA test if it is too good to be true or just wishy-washy kind of results.

There is a lot of DNA testing for ethnicity aside from MyHeritage. You may also try looking to AncestryDNAFamilyTreeDNA23andMe, and Living DNA.  You may also compare the results which you think is the most accurate.

As we go further, later on you will be given a quick comparison of other DNA testing services aside from MyHeritage on which you may decide if MyHeritage DNA testing service is worth the hype.

How accurate is the MyHeritage DNA test?

MyHeritage’s DNA testing service is somehow similar to its older rival, AncestryDNA. It differs only in one different way: MyHeritage has more users outside the US. For white people looking to connect with long-lost relatives around the world, that makes it a convincing preference.

Picking MyHeritage DNA over another service must be a tough decision to make. You have done thorough research by yourself on which DNA ancestry testing should you take.

You start considering the cost, the pros, and cons, and the accuracy of the test. You start asking yourself this question “How accurate is the MyHeritage DNA test?”.

In this post, you will get to know the MyHeritage DNA ethnicity estimate and DNA matches to understand better the accuracy of your results.

Your MyHeritage DNA match list is just as accurate as a DNA match list from AncestryDNA,  FamilyTreeDNA23andMe,  and Living DNA.

People who are listed as closely related are most likely closely related to you and probably will fall within the calculated relationship range provided by MyHeritage.

The matches just fit right in with the rest of the crowd. Aside from it is likely to be very accurate, it is going to be pretty helpful. Results from the test allow you to sort and filter your matches in all possible ways that other services cannot offer. You may find this informative and fascinating. 

If you are still in doubt whether MyHeritage is a “YAY” or “NAY” you can visit on this website to examine the exact DNA fragments on the specific chromosomes where you match your DNA, with this you will be able to sort and filter out how you are related to your matches in a split of second.

As soon you get started building your family tree using your DNA matches as a reference, you can testify whether MyHeritage DNA test results are accurate or an out of this world results.

How long is MyHeritage DNA test?

You will receive MyHeritage DNA test results approximately 3-4 weeks after your DNA sample arrive in their laboratory. 

There are two possible scenarios if you have upgraded your existing MyHeritage DNA kit:

a. Upgrading your MyHeritage DNA kit using MyHeritage’s GSA chip, the test results will be available in a few days. Unfortunately, for people living in the US, results may take up to one week due to some additional reviews by the physician network PWNHealth.

b. Upgrading your MyHeritage DNA kit using MyHeritage’s Omni chip, results will take up to 3-4 weeks until you get your health reports. MyHeritage laboratory will process your DNA sample again using the latest GSA chip that leads to the delayed results. Fortunately, the upgraded kit has no additional cost, hence it requires more time.

The client will be notified via email when the health reports are available. They can access them securely on the MyHeritage website.

How much does MyHeritage cost?

Whether you are planning to send your DNA sample to MyHeritage DNA testing laboratory or not, you have this thought in mind about the cost of the test. 

The retail price of MyHeritage DNA test kit will cost you (drum rolls….) $79, luckily they often have sales and promotions which is discounted up to $20. Unlike other DNA testing services, MyHeritage is $20 cheaper than  AncestryDNA, 23andMe, and Living DNA. They also have subscription plans which provide access to additional features and content.

Note: Shipping fee is excluded

What are the pros and cons of MyHeritage DNA testing?

After considering the price of the test and the accuracy of the results. You will now think of the advantages and disadvantages of having your DNA sample tested by this service.


  • Over 100 million people in the DNA database
  • Available in 42 languages
  • The largest international network of family trees
  • DNA relative matching
  • Downloadable DNA data
  • Cheek swab sample collection instead of saliva


  • Results tend to be better for multi-ethnic users
  • Less positive reviews than some competitors
  • Only ancestry testing
  • Does not offer mtDNA or Y-DNA tests

Bottom line:

The MyHeritage DNA kit can give you a detailed assessment of your ethnicity and showing you facts about your whole genetic makeup. All of the details are displayed beautifully across a map of the world.

The company goes much further, helping you use DNA matching to find relatives you never thought actually existed, and offering you like a passport to the world’s largest networks of family trees as well as billions of ancient and substantial documents for the genealogy sleuth in all of us.

All of these attributes are part of a well-designed product that’s easy to use, offers value for money, and provides a great informative experience.

MyHeritage DNA is one of the leading DNA home testing services, and it got established by combining the best in science and research pulled straight from the archives.

A quick comparison of MyHeritage to other DNA testing services

The field of DNA testing is fairly new, but there are definitely already some leading players in the market. We’re looking at three of the best today,, MyHeritage, and 23andMe. To further compare the big three giants when it comes to DNA testing. Here is a table you can look on.

BrandPricingDatabase SizeResults Time
MyHeritage DNA$791,500,0003-4 weeks
23andMe$992,000,0006-8 weeks
AncestryDNA$997,000,0006-8 weeks

All three have a great reputation for providing accurate and interesting results about your history and health using DNA saliva and/ cheek swab tests which you can do from the comfort of your own home but, it is all about the most important elements of a DNA test for you.

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